• Whereas the Green Party of Canada prides itself on participatory democracy and open debate.

    It has expelled popular eco-socialist candidate Alex Tyrrell from the race over his opposition the the Alberta Tar Sands and to the war in Ukraine.

    Participatory democracy is impossible without Tyrrell's candidacy

    When candidates are arbitrarily excluded democracy is abolished

    We support Alex Tyrrell's right to participate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race while maintaining his outspoken opposition to the war in Ukraine and to the Alberta Tar Sands. At age 34 and with nine years of experience leading the Green Party of Quebec M. Tyrrell is one of Canada's most senior Green Party leaders. He has proven himself in provincial politics and is ready to engage with and challenge Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre at the national level. The Green Party of Canada's federal council must allow Tyrrell to participate in the leadership race. Any exclusion of M. Tyrrell's candidacy would lead his supporters, Canadians and party members to conclude that the process was rigged in favour of another candidate.

  • Electoral District CEOs Can Make A Difference!

    Together we can bring participatory democracy back to the GPC!

    This is a grassroots party and as CEO of a registered EDA, you can help restore participatory democracy by requesting that a General Meeting be called to admit Alex Tyrrell to the leadership race.


    Article 4.1.6 of the GPC constitution says that a General Meeting can be called by a Petition to Federal Council submitted and signed by the CEO of at least 1/3 of the registered electoral district and Provincial Organizations.

    Your support for such a General Meeting would go a long way to restoring participatory democracy. My hope is that the signing of such a petition would lead the federal council to reverse Alex Tyrrell’s expulsion without taking the extraordinary measure of holding a general meeting.

  • EDA CEOs

    You have the power to make a difference

  • Need more information?

    Alex Tyrrell would be happy to answer any questions you may have. He is even available for Zoom calls with EDAs who are interested in signing or debating the request for a general meeting.


    You can reach him by email alex.tyrrell@pvq.qc.ca or on Facebook